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How To Use Lucky Patcher With Or Without Rooting Your Phone

So many people dont no how lucky patcher work while some people no the work but dont no how to use it without rooting there phone
Lucky patcher is one of the best application for Android users, you can do a lot of things with this app.

With this aticle you will be able to use lucky patcher without root.

How to Use Lucky Patcher without Rooted Smartphone Device

  1. First, download the Lucky patcher apk here
  2. After downloading, open it
  3. Now, Install the APK File (Now must allow installations from unknown sources in your device’s settings)
  4. Open the Lucky Patcher Application
    Open the Lucky Patcher Application
  5. & Click on any Application you want to modify
  6. After clicking on any application, you will see App. Info, Launch App. options
  7. Click on the ‘Open Menu of Patches‘ option there
    Click on the 'Open Menu of Patches' option there
  8. Click on Create modified.apkoption there
    Click on Create modified.apk option
  9. Click on Launch option there for starting the new modified.apk file
So, now here we are giving you some tips for applying all the Lucky Patcher APK methods,

Part-I: To Apple the Custom Patch 

  • Click on the ‘Custompatch-applied APK‘ & you will see Custom Patch description
  • Click on the Apply option there
  • Now Lucky Patcher will create a modified apk file on that app/game
    (It will take few minutes)
  • If the process succeeded, you would see a window in Green color
  • If the process fails, you will get a window in red color
  • Now, click on Rebuild & Install>Lucky Patcher>Modified>name of app. or game you just modified
    (For example: Link2SD)
  • Now, click on the app/game> Install
  • That’s it, done

Part-II: To Remove the Google Ads 

  • Click on the Lucky Patcher APKwithout Google Ads option> Rebuild the app.
  • Now, the lucky patcher will itself create a modified APK File of that app. or game
    (It may take some minutes)
  • If the process succeeds, you will get a window in the Green color
  • If the process fails, then you will see a window in the Red color
  • Click on Rebuild and Install>Lucky Patcher>Modified>Name of app. or game you have just modified
    (For ex. Link2SD)
  • Now, click on the app or game option & install it
  • That’s it
Part-III: To Remove License Verification 
  • Click on the “APK without License Verification” option
  • & follow the above steps for removing the Google Ads
  • That’s it, done
PART-IV: To Hack in-app Purchases (Billing) –
  • Download Lucky Patcher APK Filefrom here
  • After downloading, install in on your device
  • Now, open the Lucky Patcher App.
  • Close the Lucky Patcher
  • Open the App. Or the game where you want to hack in-app purchases
  • Browse to buying area & click on “Buy” or something similar
  • Now, a lucky patcher window opens with a Pop-up:
    “Do you want to get this item for free.”
  • Click on the Yes option there
  • Now, you will get everything for free
  • That’s it, done
What do the different colors of the apps mean?
A: Green means the app has big chances to get registered through patching. Yellow indicatesthere’s a custom patch (stored in /sdcard/LuckyPatcher/~. Cyan tells you Google Ads were found in this app. Magenta, that program is in the boot list. Red = bad? Not everytime. Red apps can probably not be patched to get registered. Probably! Apps which are made of two parts (E.g. The app itself and an unlocker) have a chance to get registered through patch anyways. To try this, patch both sites, either one of them. Orange means it’s a system(!) application. Be careful with those! In the most bad case, you could brick your system. BootList: A list of programs that will patch the boot device. At this point, it’s used only for apps requiring the correction of libraries “.so”.
So here are the methods for using the Lucky Patcher no Root Devices. Hope these above guides will surely helpful for you for how to use lucky patcher for in app purchases without root
Thank you…
If you want any help regarding this Lucky Patcher application or facing any error issue, then comment down that problem here in the below comment section so that we will fix & solve it for you!!

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