Monday, 11 September 2017

What Are The Benefits Of Resting And Sleeping


Resting is the total shutdown of the eyes. You cannot be watching T.V or listening to radio and say you are resting {NO}, because the eyes are still alert and the brain is still functioning. 

Rest means when the eyes and brain are shutdown i.e. not functioning at that particular time.
Sleep make's you feel better, and a equate sleep is a key to health living, and this improves your memory; reduce inflammation, lower stress, and clear depression.

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According to health standard, it adds 10% to our health. it is what we need no matter the kind of job you are into; health is your greatest wealth, stay healthy and be happy with adequate sleep at least 8 hours a night.


1. Improve memory
During sleep, you can strengthen memories.

2. Curb inflammation
Research indicates that people who get less sleep between 8 hours or less at night may have higher blood level of inflammatory problems than those who get more.

3. Lower stress
Sleep can definitely reduce level of stress, and it can help people to have better control of blood pressure.

4. Spur or Aid creativity
Its makes you more creative by improving on your memories.

5. Clear of depression
A good night rest or sleep can really help a depressed person to regain his or herself. 

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